Resources These are the resources I use from the people I admire. No advertisements, ever.

Data Visualization Best Practices

Alberto Cairo: Data journalism.

Andy Kirk: Data journalism.

Hans Rosling: Storytelling.

Edward Tufte: Classic principles.


Data Visualization in Excel

Jorge Camoes

Ann K. Emery

Cole Nussbaumer

Jon Schwabish


Data Visualization in Tableau

Andy Cotgreave

Steve Wexler


Data Analysis in Excel

Learn Excel: An In-Depth, Thorough Tutorial (With GIFs) by Ann K. Emery

My Online Training Hub by Mynda and Philip Tracey

ExcelJet by Dave Bruns


Data Analysis and Visualization in Google Sheets

Ben Collins


Geographic Maps Downloadable US and state maps Color advice for cartography


Color Tools Color palettes for slides and charts Matching RGB codes



Font Squirrel: Download custom fonts to use in Word, PowerPoint, and more

WhatTheFont: When you’re trying to figure out the name of a font


Presentations The Potent Presentations Initiative