Descriptive Statistics

Summarize your data by finding the mean, median, standard deviation, and other descriptive statistics.

Min and Max
In this video I demonstrate how to use =min() and =max() to calculate the minimum and maximum scores in a dataset.

Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation
Learn how to use the =average(), =median(), and =stdev() functions to calculate the mean, median, and standard deviation.

Descriptive statistics for nominal or ordinal data: Frequencies using =countif
The =countif() function calculates frequencies in Excel. In this video, you’ll learn how to use =countif() to tally how many people selected strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree options in a satisfaction survey.

Descriptive statistics for nominal or ordinal data: Countif with $
Next, use $ symbols within your =countif function to save even more time as you tally responses on a satisfaction survey.

Descriptive statistics for interval or ratio data

In this video, I show you how to calculate a variety of descriptive statistics for interval or ratio data, including:

  • Basic data cleaning: =count, =countblank
  • Measures of central tendency: =average, =median, =mode
  • Measures of dispersion: =var, =stdev, =min, =max, =quartile, ranges

This tutorial is designed for people with a basic statistics or social science background. That is, I explain how to translate your preexisting knowledge about descriptive statistics into simple Excel formulas rather than explaining why these metrics are useful.

Free Download Bonus! Download the spreadsheet used in this video.

Filtering a list to find unique entries

How many different categories (like states) are represented in your dataset? In this video, I teach you three strategies for determining how many unique entries are represented:

  • Filters
  • Pivot table tallies
  • Advanced filters
Free Download Bonus! Download the spreadsheet used in this video.

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