Time-Saving Strategies

These extra time-saving techniques are the icing on the cake.

Combining Content from Multiple Cells into a Single Cell
Use the & operator to concatenate letters and numbers from a few different cells into a single cell. In this example, I combine first names from one column and last names from another column into a single column that displays the First Last format.

Month, Day, and Year
Simplify your survey’s timestamp data by focusing on just the details you need, like the month and day that the survey was submitted.

Today and Now

Generating Random Numbers
Need to create random numbers, make up some fake data for your spreadsheet, or randomly assign participants to a treatment or control group? Use the randbetween function.

Parsing Text and Numbers: Left, Mid, and Right
Use the left, mid, and right formulas to parse your ID numbers.

Transposing Data

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