Fellow evaluators and data visualization enthusiasts,

In addition to my internal evaluation job, I also work part-time for the Eastern Evaluation Research Society, a regional affiliate of the American Evaluation Association.

The Eastern Evaluation Research Society conference is quickly approaching, and I’m putting the finishing touches on our conference program.

Every conference has a theme, and I came across these previous themes when searching through some old computer files. I would love to share this cool historical information in a page or two in the conference program – but definitely not through boring bullet points like this.

How can I make this information shine??? My brain thinks in spreadsheets and bullet points and statistical formulas, not in graphic design…

Eastern Evaluation Research Society themes through the years:

  • 2012: Evaluation in a Complex World: Balancing Theory and Practice
  • 2011: Inspired Designs for Informed Action
  • 2010: Expanding the Evaluator’s Toolkit
  • 2009: Evaluation in the Digital Age: Promises & Pitfalls
  • 2008: Evidence-Based Evaluation: Balancing rigor, Relevance & Reality
  • 2007: Looking Forward: Promising Advances, Persistent Challenges
  • 2006: Evaluation in the Real World: Common Problems and Practical Solutions
  • 2005: Ethics, Evidence and Evaluation
  • 2004: Effective Evaluation: Negotiating the Methods Maze
  • 2003: Evaluation in Today’s World: T-tests or Tea Leaves
  • 2002: Expanding the Scope of Evaluation: A Sea of Possibilities
  • 1999: The Future is Now: Tools for the New Millenium
  • 1998: In the Wave, Not the Wake – Evaluation: a Force for Change
  • 1997: 20 Years of Evaluation: Trends, Trials & Transformations
  • 1996: Health & Social Reform: Breakthrough or Breakdown
  • 1995: The Resurgence of Evaluation: New Challenges – New Opportunities
  • 1994: New Age Evaluation: Meeting the Challenges of Quality and Reform Initiatives
  • 1993: Staying Relevant in the Information Age
  • 1992: Consumer Satisfaction: Meeting the Needs of Stakeholders
  • 1991: Evaluating Quality in the 90s: Mixing the Old with the New
  • 1990: Evaluation on the Upswing: Back to the Future!
  • 1989: Evaluation in Transition: A Pragmatic Approach
  • 1988: Evaluation: Tools for Today
  • 1987: The Changing Face of Evaluation: The Past as Prologue
  • 1986: Marketing Program Evaluation
  • 1979: Professionalism and Evaluation

Please share your suggestions below, or send me an email at AnnKEmery@gmail.com. Thank you!