Makeovers Viewing--and producing--before/after data visualization makeovers is a major focus of every workshop, webinar, and conference keynote. Your staff will see how small edits make a big difference. 

All workshops, webinars and conference keynotes include dozens of before/after data visualization makeovers. Each makeover was designed to get the graph’s desired takeaway message across to readers faster and easier than before.


Youth Served by a Local Nonprofit Organization

The original slide’s 3D effects and background shading made the categories too difficult to read. In the makeover, we transformed the columns into bars to give our labels more space; re-ordered the categories so that the largest category was listed first; and drew attention to our takeaway message with dark colors and an annotation.

Youth served by a local nonprofit organization: From 3D column charts to 2D, decluttered bar charts.


A School’s Slide about Free and Reduced Meals

The nested donuts distorted the data by making the slices look larger or smaller than they really were. This school was aiming for big-picture findings, so an icon array compares their students to the surrounding district.

A school's slide about free and reduced meals: From nested donuts to an icon array.


A One-Page Handout about the Organization’s Annual Survey Results

The original handout’s background shading distracted readers from the findings, and the clustered columns didn’t showcase the organization’s improvements from the prior year. In the makeover, we used deviation bars to highlight the year-over-over improvements.

An organization's annual survey results: From clustered bars to deviation bars.


Transforming a University Library’s Dashboard

In the original, the icons were too colorful, and the outlines were stealing attention away from the data points. And, the original dashboard only showed the university’s results, but didn’t allow readers to compare the university’s progress to its stated goals. In the makeover, we grouped the variables into categories and added much-needed context: how the university library was performing compared to their goals.

Reenvisioning a university's dashboard